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I am a versatile and highly motivated product designer with expertise in UX design, operational processes, and project management. I have a proven track record of driving successful applications with an emphasis on organizational objectives and client satisfaction.

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product ux/ui designer

How can I help you make an impact on your brand?

Hey there, Binish here:  User experience designer specializing in web and mobile design including iOS and Android Apps.

It will be an absolute pleasure to work for you if you are planning to bring me on board your  UX team or no UX team. I enjoy my own company just as much as I enjoy collaborating with others.  


From the moment I start, I will hit the ground running even with little to no onboarding. I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves when turning dirt into a garden, am never afraid to make mistakes, and am always willing to learn from others.


I flourish when confronted with very big, ambiguous design challenges with experience in laying out strategies to confront any design problems head-on.


Don’t worry I won’t bulldoze my way through, I take the approach of bringing the product and engineering teams along throughout the process, gathering feedback, and course-correcting all along the way.

I would be an incredibly valuable asset to any team and would consider myself lucky to have worked with you.

RESULTS: I recently redesigned a principal product to optimize the desktop interface and implement responsive features, leading to a 44% increase in user adoption (from 0 users to 48) and securing $2.5MM in investments.

RESULTS-DRIVEN, COLLABORATIVE LEADER: I am a team leader who continually focuses on building relationships to achieve highly effective teams, improving outcomes, and increasing productivity.



INDUSTRY SKILLS: ✰ UX & UI Design ✰ Project Management ✰ Product Design ✰ Cost Optimization ✰ Data & Analytics ✰ Cross-functional Leadership ✰ KPI Tracking & Performance ✰ User Testing ✰ Operational Processes ✰ Stakeholder Management ✰ Software Tracking ✰ Customer Support

PROFESSIONAL ATTRIBUTES: ✰ Solutions-focused ✰ Organized ✰ Innovative ✰ Proactive ✰ Versatile ✰ Resourceful ✰ Detail-Oriented ✰ Dynamic ✰ Analytical ✰ Strategic ✰ Collaborative ✰ Motivated ✰ Excellent Communication Skills ✰ Self-Starter ✰ Leader ✰ Problem-Solver

Thanks for visiting my portfolio!

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