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About me

Binish Ali
Product Designer


Hello, I'm Binish! I am a UX designer. Currently, a UX/UI Team Lead at Lambda School, managing a team of UX students.


I love UX design because I get to put forward my top skill of empathy to take complex tasks and make it simple to understand.


When I'm doing UX research my goal is to understand the environment, learn human behavior, and analyze that knowledge to build relations with shared values.


When I am not thinking about design, I am creating engaging experiences for my three pirates — guiding them in finding the real treasures of life.


I find time to meditate by relaxing myself to some yoga time. I love Saturday mornings to sneak out of my motherboard and go on a hike.


Or ride my bike through the trails of wilderness to find peace and my connection with nature.


My mantra of a happy life is being simple yet filled with adventures.

Thanks for visiting, please check out my work!

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